Martine Théodore


Project Manager

Martine Théodore

As Head Consultant of Peacock Group SA, Martine Théodore comes with a career in consulting that spans the past 18 years. As Non-Profit Operator, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, Martine has worked over 12years in the Non-Profit Sector where much of her learning has brought to fruition her thoughts about helping small businesses truly emerge and make a difference in long-term sustainability, growth and job creation. Her vast experience in training and finding ways for businesses to access finance and find creative solutions to financing comes from years of patience and experience and strong relationships with finance partners. As a Business owner and long standing member of the Haitian Diaspora in Chicago and Miami, Martine has returned to her native Haiti as Economic Development Director and has subsequently built her own team with determination to bring  new breath and creativity to invigorate the business scene, especially Agribusiness , as well as being instrumental to implementation of various post quake projects. Martine has found Peacock Group SA’s mandate: Economic Development as a way to unleash the potential of hundreds of small and medium businesses in Haiti. The key is leading the team to success.

Martine enjoys Poetry, Singing and is an Aromatherapy and Herbology.


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